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At second Nature, one of our main focuses is website design and development. Wire frame drawings to get the bones of the site design. We then move onto the design phase, Search Engine Components of the website and then onto social media accounts.


We use a program called Adobe Muse which gives great flexibility with responsive web design so that no matter what your viewer is using be it a phone, tablet or desktop, your site will perform just the way that it should. Updating the website yourself is easy with a back end login so that you can change words, menus, images, pretty much anything on your site yourself. We're also available to help make changes of course.


Responsive website design is the practice of ensuring your website re-formats itself for whatever device is being used. Phones will be presented with the phone layout, tablets, theirs, and desktops theirs as well.


Social media integration can also be achieved where we have some of your social media posts available on pages of your website so that your user never even needs to leave your site to get a good impression of you and your business.


Check out a list of websites we have created here.

Blogging has become one of the most successful tools in seo. If you have a blog and keep posting articles and photos showcasing what you're up to then Google and the other search engines will give you a higher ranking than those without.


The reason for this is pretty simple; Google thinks highly of you when you're beavering away, pumping out relevant content for your consumers to read and be educated with.


The key is to constantly be updating your blog, probably one to two times a week and if that's too much at the very least one to two times per month.


Blogging has far-reaching aspects too because it can be shared amongst networks of users all interested in what you do. It can be reblogged to audiences that you couldn't reach before and so it is a tool that while people might see as a chore is a powerful marketing strategy to help grow your rankings.


We have tips and advice on what to do to help plan out what you'll blog about so that you're not scratching your head each time wondering what to write.

Google ranks what they call "Mobile-friendly" websites higher than those that aren't, and so it's a simple equation. Be mobile friendly, and your business will grow.


We can take care of getting you completely off the ground with a domain name and hosting as well as setting up your email and all of your social media accounts.


We can also take over from where your last web designer left off and use what they did to catapult you to the top of the ranks.


Having an effective website that covers a broad range of areas such as information in the form of text and images, social media accounts and a blog. You can go further of course however at Second Nature we like to think of ourselves as website designers, social media helpers and search engine ranking experts. When it comes to user accounts and login credentials, we will refer you up the chain to a web developer rather than a designer.


Our aim is to service the information website market where a presence on the Internet is required to help your business be found and used.


Check out a list of websites we have created here.

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