Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Most of you will be familiar with what this is because of the spam emails you get about, probably on a daily basis.


Put simply; my opinion is that with a small amount of time spent on it each week and consistently, the rewards are that your website will climb the organic listings in Google and the aim is to get you onto the first page of Google results as quickly as we can.


The facts are that 20% of web users will click on the paid ads at the top and 80% will scroll past the ads and look for the organic listings. It's an obvious statement to make but if they are the odds, where would you want your website to be? At the bottom where only 2 out of 10 looks or where 8 out of 10 are searching and clicking.


SEO is a constantly changing beast and some of the practices of last year are now no longer relevant to Google. Staying at the forefront of changes that Google make to their search algorithms and also implementing some fundamental, permanent items into the content of your website if something that has helped my clients climb the ladder of Google search results.

There are no magic tricks; it's a matter of putting the correct content in the correct places on your website and social media accounts. Consistency is also another key that will help to grow your online presence and so formulating a plan for 3 to 6 months of posting on social media, and your blog is another task that will help grow your business.


At Second Nature, we can be involved in making sure your website is search engine friendly; we can manage your social media accounts both with posting, commenting and liking other posts.


Even though Google is the main search engine, we don't forget Bing and Yahoo because they all count towards a search engine ranking.


They all help to form a picture of your business in text that is indexed by these companies and compared with your competitors. If you have more information about a given topic, then Google will place you higher than someone without that information. What needs to be done to achieve this is where we concentrate our efforts.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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